Karl Marx, Ra's al-Mal, first Syrian translation




In 1956, the Syrian publishing house Arabic awakening published an Arabic translation of the first nine chapters of volume one of “Capital” by Karl Marx. The translator is unknown. According to the publisher‘s note (p. 5), the translation was “based on the French edition, which was written by Joseph Roy and reviewed by the author” and the English edition “published in 1887 by Frederick Engels, Karl Marx's companion in his work, which was recently reprinted in 1954 by the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Moscow.“



Stefan Wild describes the Syrian edition as the second Arabic translation of „Capital“ after an Egyptian one from 1947 ("Das Kapital" in arabischen Übersetzungen, in: „Festgabe für Hans Wehr“, Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, 1969, p. 99).



It is not known whether further volumes of this edition were published.





Ra's al-Mal, volume I

First Syrian translation, 1956




رأس المال

المجلد الأول

٠عملية إنتاج الرأسمال

البقاعة والتقد

-نحول المال الى راسمال

انتا القيمة سائفة المطلقة

(Publishing translation writing Arabic awakening, Karl Marx, Capital, Volume one, The Process of Production of Capital, Commodities and Money, The Transformation of Money into Capital, The Production of Absolute Surplus-Value)

463, [1] p.


2 Copyright Arabic awakening, Damascus, Syria

3 Portrait

5 Publisher’s note

7 Dedication to Wilhelm Wolff

9 Introduction to the first German edition

15 Final word of the second German edition

28 Introduction to the French translation 1872

29 French afterword 1875

30 Introduction to the third German edition

34 Introduction to the English translation

40 Introduction to the fourth German edition

49 Volume one

53 Commodities

13 Exchange

139 Money, or the circulation of commodities

217 The general formula for capital

231 Contradictions in the general formula of capital

247 The buying and selling of labour-power

265 The labour-process and the process of producing surplus-value

296 Constant capital and variable capital

312 The rate of surplus-value

339 The working day

449 Rate and mass of surplus-value

461 „...very reason he thinks that with the shortening of the working-day by 2 hours, the selling-price of 12 spinning machines dwindles to that of 10!“ (End of part III, chapter XI).


1956 (rear cover)

Dār al-yaqẓa al-̔arabīya lit-ta’lif wat-tarğama wan-našr (Arabic awakening translation and publishing in Syria)

Printed in the new printing press, Damascus, Syria

Illustrated wrappers





Wild, Stefan, „Das Kapital“ in arabischen Übersetzungen, in: „Festgabe für Hans Wehr“, Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, 1969, p. 97-111



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